Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sometimes I Make Poor Choices

Today I let kids play with a tone generator and an oscilloscope.  The idea is that they can see how changing the Frequency and Amplitude of a sound change the wave.  Below is the audio from one of my four classes.


Waves for Days
What is the tone?

A Business is Born

We have a screen.  Today we taped it up and started to learn the process of printing shirts.
Some Squeegee work.  Squeegee is such a cool word.
Our first print.
Andromeda Lamma 

Playing with Sound

Today we start looking at sound.  I had the kids use  It is a web based audio editor to record a sound and then manipulate the wave to see how the wave is affected.
The Wave
Recording from the Internet
A close look at the wave.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Then we fail.

Today we attempted to burn a screen.  We set up our screen, set it up correctly, and exposed it.  Round 2 tomorrow.
Tracing over designs
Let no light


Friday, April 14, 2017

In Their Own Words

The Build Up

See what I did there.
Building the circuit.
A Hundo
Feeding the monster.

Designs for T-shirts

We have our designs. Team Andromeda as two different shirts.  Team Sequoia has one design.  Next week we will burn the screens.

Let Them Play

Our trip to Edgar Road

With these hands......

With these hands.....
we cut.
we paint.
we play.
we solder.
we code.
we create.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Getting Comfy

Kids are making, painting, building, connecting, soldering, wiring, designing, solving, and playing.  I am keeping busy no worries.
Laid Back
A different paint tecnique.
Erase any mistakes
Does it work.
A working game
A different perspective.