Friday, October 28, 2016

Leaving on a Jet Plane Part 2

We then went to AS220 and met with all the other ADE's and talk through and did some brainstorming together.  That piece was amazing.  To sit around a table and learn from these amazing educators is both invigorating and humbling.   Such an amazing couple of hours.  Then we went for a tour of AS220.  This is a group of people who offer free art classes to youth, as well as enter youth correction facilities and help those students to express themselves through Art.  There are no words to describe the power of the stories, the art and the space.

Signage out side.
Yes, Please.
What is your commitment.
Audio studio.
A mural
I missed the Psychic reading.
A tech shop that is connected with AS220
The original maker.
Saw a demo of a cnc.  I so want one.
Then we convened for dinner here.
The tots were glorious.

Sage on Stage Need Not Apply

Today kids were testing, modifying, and then testing again.  It was a busy day for the kids.  I got a little bored because no one really needed me.  I love these days when the conversations happen without me.

"The dirt is out.  How do we get the food coloring out?"

"Yes! We rock."

"I think we need more sand."

My test water.
Testing. One. Two.
Getting it clean.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Keep Failing

I love when they start testing.  There is the disappointment when it comes out red. Then the ideas flow. Then they change the prototype.  Then the failure falls away and you hear:  I would drink this water. (WE ARE NOT DRINKING THE WATER)  Fail fast.
Some were still constructing.
Some found out the difference between charcoal and activated charcoal.
Some made it cleaner.
Some not so much.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Explain Your Idea

Today was another waste day.  Most were working on their Infographic.  I had them either use or  Here are a couple of finished examples.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Design Begins

Today we dove into design and construction of our water filters.  Here are some of their ideas.
A nice drawing
Some wanted to see through their ideas.
Some needed a bigger persoective.
3 chambers
Tinkercad is this students prefered medium.
Will water go through this cloth?

Leaving On A Jet Plane Part 1

The Allen Distinguished Educator Program convened in Rhode Island this past weekend.  I took a lot of pictures and had an amazing trip.  Words can't describe the impact these 48 hours had on me.  The best I can do is share my picks.
I meet my Colorado peeps in Chicago.  Thanks Twitter for connecting us in the food court.
I have always wanted to get off an airplane and have a limo waiting.  #Boom #bucketlistcheckedoff
Our first day consisted of a tour of The MET in Rhode Island.  Here is our chariot.
In the Entrepreneur center students rent offices with their start up funds.  The print shop.
Another Business Space
Cut from the vinyl cutter in the print shop.
Students telling us their stories.
A mural in the stairwell of one of the 4 high schools.
We had lunch with Founder and Co-director Dennis Litkky and Principal and Co-director Nancy Diaz.  Thanks for lunch and the visit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Water Is Life

The entire 8th grade today participated in a google hangout with the CEO and founder of Water is Life, Ken Surrite.  Water is life is an non-profit that is focused on providing clean water to those that don't have it.  Their work as taken them to over 40 different countries.  They use a variety of methods to provide clean water:  The Life Straw- which is a straw that contains a water filter inside it.  The Drinkable Book- a book where the pages of the book are a water filter.  Check them out at  Students will then make a water filter of thier own to filter a mixture of water that I create.
A full house.
Some background from our guest.
Listening intently

A student asking about how she can get straws for her trip to Haiti.

The line to ask questions.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where are you at?

I checked in with everybody today to see where they were at, many are still in the design phase and set up phase.  Then there are some that are making.  

Sewing a prototype of a T-shirt bag.
Testing can art.

A cat toy.

Creating a scratching post.

In the Nick of Time

We finished our planter just in time for conferences.  It takes a village and ended up looking amazing.

Drilling after cutting.


The finished product.