Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What will you learn?

I am part of a group of teachers at Hixson that are helping to plan Innovation Hour.  This is an hour every friday where all students will choose what they are interested in and learn about that topic.  Students took a google form that sorted into broad topics.  They then were assigned to a teacher for this week.  I am in the Technology group.  This week we talked and brainstormed on what they wanted to work on.
Talking and discussing
These ladies are gonna rock it.

Constructing to Fly

We are finished with toy hacking and have started in on Hot Air Balloons.  This is a fabulous way to end the semester.
The work begins
Making panels
Flexible with storage

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ahoy Matey

Kids are continuing to design, cut, drill, and build.
More cutting

Finishing the Hack

We wrapped up the hack today.  I gave some time to work and then we started talking about balloons.
My new lunch time buddy working on his belt drive run car.
Drilling a hole to run wires.
Scary Sponge Bob
In honor of Rouge One coming out tomorrow.  A scary spinny wampum.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Conductors One and All

Today many were focusing on identifying conductors and insulators in their toy.  I showed students how to make a quick conductor insulator testing device and they were off.
The back of a speaker- conductor.
8th graders will be 8th graders. Braces- conductor.
This student figured out how to bypass the switch with a screw.
This student spent lunch with me.  Not because he had to but because he really wants to add a motor to this classic car.  He asked for the rubber band so it had a belt drive.  Then he tinkered, played and fiddled.  This doesn't happen with alligator clips.

After some setbacks...... a business meeting.

I have tried for the last two months to get our T-shirt business of the ground.  Some of the issues have been me as I have had several trips this fall.  Some of the issues have been kids have not come to meetings.  Well I have a core group and we are now going forward.
Discussing names and jobs.
Sharing how screen printing works.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Hack Continues

Students were continuing opening up and toys and then identifying and explaining circuits.  I continue to be the tool guy and help with stubborn toys.
Diving in
Drawing the circuit
A mess of legs and gears.
Looking on and explaining

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Home Strech

We only have a couple more waste days left.  We will present our work on January 13th.  It is always cool to see what kids come up with when you get out of the way.
These were delivered this morning.  Always an adventure.
Feeding wire.
Project complete
Here is some arugula I planted a couple months ago.  "Its like 15 degrees warmer in the green house."
Some repurposed cans and wrappers.
A cat house.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Diving In

We switched gears on our water robot and started to build for the competition.  One group did a little redesign.  One group started cutting parts.
Checking out the build guide.
PVC cutters are awesome!
A close up.
Laying out the pieces.

Starting the Hack

Today kids took apart toys in order to learn about electricity.  It is a great day.  My practicum students leans over to me and says "they are so quiet."  Once we let them loose they went right at it to get to the circuits.
It takes a steady hand.
The carnage.
This was a kids Karaoke machine.
They use the app Explain Everything to well explain their circuit.
Getting ready to rock it.
The circuit
Sometimes you need a drill.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Finding the Charge

The last couple days we have spent looking at static electricity.  I set up 9 different stations around the room that dealt with demos from the University of Colorado, a video and some demonstrations.   Here are a couple of the demos.
Water benders unite.
Spinning electroscopes
A good day for a race.


Here are a wide variety of projects that happened today in makerspace.  We had some food, some chemistry, and some constructing.
Coca Cola Chocolate mud Cakes.  Close to an alliteration.  There were no complaints. Some made some silly putty.           
I Heart Chemistry.
  I have a bunch of old plywood lying around and some kids wanted to make a washer game.    It is coming together nicely.