Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cooling and Warming Molecules

Right now we are talking about phases of matter and how temperature affects molecular movement.  So we took an earlynmeyer flask and added a stopper.  We then cooled the air in the flask with ice.  Then we observed.
It's a cool job.
Since the molecules are cooling they begin to slow down and compress.  Thus  pulling the liquid through the tube.
It's heating up in here.
When we heat the tube the air expands and pushes the water out.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Story of Stuff

Finishing up the story of stuff.  Kids turned in projects today.
An Apple Watch combo iPhone charger.
A game 
The game in action.
Clip Board
I like to ride my Bicycle.
These students prefer motorized travel.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Conservation of Matter

On Friday, I asked the question "How can you reduce waste in your home, school, or community?".  We will be working on this every Friday for the next couple months.   We started brain storming.  Kids used the room to its fullest.
Some wrote on Windows.
Some next to Neil.
Some at desks.
Some on desks.
After we brainstormed we made sure we had evidence to go back.

A look into the past.

So a student in Mrs. Hobold's discovery has 930 photo slides from her great grand mother.  Her problem- what to do with them?  Enter Youtube and the device you see below.  She is converting them to digital pictures to send to her great grandma.
The set up.
An example of the digital photo.
"You have to know the past to understand the present." Dr. Carl Sagan

What if?

What if 8th graders had a skill that could help the High School Football team?  I have started flight school.  Kids watch some videos about drones and then spend some time on the flight simulator.  Then I hand over the controls.  Last week I offered up our services to Coach G.  On Tuesday we filmed.
Getting into position

Sample stills
Some Video

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Testing Out

I give a pretest before I teach each unit of study.  If a student gets a 4 on any target they can either still work on what we are doing in class or they can come up with a project that relates to the learning target.  Our first learning target deals with elements and the periodic table.  Here is a students model of Oxygen that he designed then printed.

Fail Faster

I am in awe of the creative minds of 8th graders.  The process, the failures, the modifications, and the learning.
A wallet
A car made from a mouse that she asked from the Tech department.

Oh. My. A. Hovercraft. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We are up and printing.

After Dempsey and I put the new motherboard installed.  We fired up the printer.  I had several ladies that had designed some objects.  We started printing right away.
A monogram
This student does cosplay and likes Anime.  This is a necklace that a character wears.
This student needed a way to keep her headphones from getting tangled.

I want to tie flies.

One Christmas my wife and I decided to buy each other fly rods.  We took a casting class and a couple of fly tying classes.  They were a great excuse to sit around Hargroves Fly Shop and tie flies.  A student came to me and said she wanted to learn to tie flies.  Up first wooly bugger.
Putting on lead
Learning to use a bobbin.
Finished wooly bugger

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Making continues!

Projects are continuing to come together.
A light made from a couple old Cd's and a keyboard.
A hover board prototype.
Computer animal
It's a safe.  They found screws and placed the strong magnet from the hard drive so it locks the enclosure.

What's the best part about breaking stuff?

When the school year began I showed off  It's a 3D design software.  Students took right to it and started designing.  When they finished we started up the Makerbot and it didn't work.  I called Makerbot and they sent me a new mother board.  Dempsey and I put it in this morning.
We have begun.
Bald head no plumbers crack
The old board
The answer is always yes!

Friday, September 18, 2015

What would you make?

Today was a work day.  Students were researching and building.  I was a tool finder.  Get my orange Home Depot vest ready.
Some glass lenses made from a screen.
A flashlight from the clock watch battery.  They made the switch as well.
A pencil holder from several motherboards.
A white board made from a monitor.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

After the Carnage

Students picked their computer part today.  They began building their piece.
Pulling something out of a computer.
The trash dump that is currently my room.
"So I wired three batteries together.  Does that make it three times as bright?"
"How will I stick my letters on the RAM?"
"With the hard drive disk I can project the image on the ceiling."
"It works!"